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The network for visiting scholars and international scientists of Heidelberg University and its connected research facilities - a special offer brought to you within the network of Heidelberg Alumni International.


+++ NEWS: Exemplary Alumni Work +++

For a third time, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has rewarded the alumni efforts of Heidelberg University: Heidelberg Alumni International, Ruperto Carola's main alumni initiative, has received 40,000 euros to fund a Research Alumni meeting abroad. The meeting is intended to bolster networking in the East Asia region. The "Research as a Bridge to Internationalisation" alumni conference will be held in Kyoto, Japan next year.

Pfeil Press Release of Heidelberg University

Pfeil Event announcement - Kyoto/Japan, April 2018

Projects funded by the AvH

Since 2011 we were already able to support and realize a wide range of projects.

In case of questions, ideas and suggestions regarding the network please contact us via email at research@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de.

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