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Amirana Scholarship

Scholarship fund to support
future doctors

Thanks to a 2016 initiative by two alumni from the USA, there is now a new financial support option for studying Medicine and Dentistry at Heidelberg University: the Amirana Scholarship.

The scholarship was set up following a donation from Dr Annelene J. Amirana and Dr Mahomed T. Amirana. They married after meeting in Heidelberg in the 1950s during their medical studies and subsequently worked as doctors for many years in the United States. [More...]

Academic scholarships for internationals from developing countries and newly industrializing nations (c.f. DAC List)

The Amirana Scholarship Fund offers sholarships to medical and dentistry students experiencing financial hardships through no fault of their own as well as future students in these fields who cannot finance their studies without assistance.



If you fulfil the funding requirements, then please hand in your documents. We are looking forward to your application!

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