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Thank you very much to all those of you who supported with their financial engagement the various different projects of the Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN. Review

We are happy to receive further donations to the Thematic Funds of the campaign.
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The Future Since 1386

Also in 2020/21 we offer you various opportunities to support people and projects at Heidelberg University with your donation. In these difficult times our special focus is on funding for individuals.

Amirana Scholarship (Medicine & Dentistry)

Donate to the university training of students from countries of the global south who are deeply affected by the corona pandemic and thus in addition facing extremely increasing obstacles like poverty, hunger or education shortage.

Please find further details here.

Donate to students in need (all subject areas)

Your donation supports Heidelberg students who find themselves confronted with financial obstacles through no fault of their own. Thus they have to face the threat of not achieving their degree. Help shaping the future of these students in a posivite way.

Further information is available here.

Donate to projects in the alumni work

With your donation, you support the consolidation of projects such as the Mentoring or the Internship Program for Heidelberg students. Make a contribution to bridging the gap between generations and help shaping the activities of the global HAI network.

You can find the bank details in the right column.


We're happy to assist you with any further quesions!

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