Heidelberg Alumni Indien (HAIN) is a young initiative which started its activity in India in 2011. Small informal meetings in order to exchange ideas about the future of our first alumni club in Asia have been the groundwork for our first official alumni meeting in Delhi in March 2012.

In the presence of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel, the rector of Heidelberg University, the club's board was elected and the club's statute revised. Moreover, the national alumni club was divided into regional chapters in order to allow the alumni to meet and connect with each other on the local level. Some of these regional chapters cover whole regions, others concentrate on single cities.

If you want more information on the board members as well as on the different regional chapters and their chairs have a look at the websites of HAIN.

HAIN is not only open for indian alumni but also for all Heidelberg alumni who feel connected with their Alma Mater and India. Alumni are those who studied at the Heidelberg University - regardless if they studied there the whole time or just a few semester - or who worked, lectured or researched at the Heidelberg University.

Do you know Heidelberg Alumni who are not (yet) members of HAIN? Let us know via hain[at]alumni.uni-heidelberg.de

We appreciate your help in extending our HAIN network. Thank you very much.