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625 Jahre Ruperto Carola
15 Jahre Heidelberg Alumni International
Alumni-Jubiläums-Tage 2011


In line with the 625th anniversary of Heidelberg University, there will be even more visitors and guests awaited in the city than usual. Especially during the Festwoche, we expect a high request for accommodation.

To assure you as Alumni of Heidelberg University an easy and short way to an accommodation during both the Alumni-Jubiläums-Tage and the Festwoche, we have requested a number of rooms in different hotels in and around Heidelberg. On the following sites you will find an overview of the cooperating hotels and their offers.

Booking takes place online: just click onto the booking-link of your preferred hotel and fill out the online form. The keyword for your reservation is "Alumni 2011". Your inquiry will be sent directly to the hotel and your room will be – provided there are still vacancies – reserved. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your indicated e-mail address.

You are self-responsible for your booking. Heidelberg Alumni International does not give you any guarantee to get a room in your preferred hotel. The booking takes place directly with the hotels - not via HAI.

Please note: all reserved rooms are only blocked by Heidelberg Alumni International till May 30th 2011. All non-booked rooms will be free for other guests after this date. If you as Alumni want to book a room after May 30th 2011 via this website, this service will not be available for you any more. Thank you for your understanding.


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