International Networks

In more than 130 countries Heidelberg alumni get involved for one another and for the university; individually or in networks and clubs: They initiate alumni meetings or establish international clubs abroad, which are associations of Heidelberg alumni who returned to their home country or who now live in a country other than Germany.

Thanks to our alumni we can be proud of international clubs in 18 countries. These vary in their structure and activities from informal regulars' tables to registered associations according to the respective state law.

For example, a group of alumni around Dr Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos organised an alumni reunion at the London based Oxford and Cambridge Club on the occasion of the visit of Prof. Dr Dieter W. Heermann, then Vice-President International Affairs of Heidelberg University.

Our club in Mexico (HAMEX) was established with great enthusiasm by our alumnus Dr Eduardo Luis Moch Zamora. In addition to numerous scientific and social events he also initiated the Internship program for students of Heidelberg University.

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